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The time required to complete the AMIE course changes, depending on one's qualification. Once you joined (got membership registration) the maximum period available for completing the course is 12 years. This is the time available for clearing Section A and Section B. Six years' time is given for clearing all subjects in Section A and another six years is given for clearing all subjects in Section B. This means, a student registered for AMIE course needs to clear all subjects in 12 years period.

Though not mentioned specifically, there is a restriction in minimum period. A Diploma passed candidate cannot clear AMIE within two years time. In the same way, a plus two candidate cannot clear AMIE within 3 years time. Those who wish an admission in AMIE must have any one of the following qualifications. We in Jyothis Academy guides and monitors a students so that he is able to successfully clear AMIE in minimum permitted time.


A Diploma holder needs to clear 13 subjects in AMIE. 4 subjects in Section A and 9 in Section B. In one semester a student can appear for 4 subjects. So he can complete both sectins A and B in 4 semesters (4+4+4+1).

As of now, Plus two holders are not eligible for AMIE admission.

A student can appear for maximum 4 subjects in one exam time (semester). He may appear for any 4 subjects to his choice. But he cannot appear for a Section B subjects before completely passing Section A.

Maximum time allowed for clearing all subjects in Section A is 6 years (for Diploma & +2 holders). Another 6 years is given for clearing Section B subjects also.

If you study systematically, you can clear both sections A & B in minimum time. For diploma holders, the minimum time required to completely pass AMIE is 2 years and for others it is 3 and half years.